Adults and Teens

Adults and Teens

More than just a work out, more than just self defense....

Our adult and teen classes are a fun and engaging way to learn self defense, meet your exercise goals, all within a positive and supportive community.

Mercer Island Martial Arts has designed a martial arts program that balances both the mental and physical.  We design our classes around the individual, so whether you are some who is in top shape, just starting a workout program, or maybe coming back after a break we have something for you.

We have a great student to instructor ratio in our adult and teen classes so that we are able to really work with you at your level.  So, you can feel challenged if you need to be challenged or you can slow down if you need to slow down.  Not only are the instructors and masters at MIMA uniquely qualified to help each student  with their success, but our community as a whole is also very supportive in helping one another achieve their goals.

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