#My6weeks Challenge

What's your goal?  

  • Manage MyBloodGlucose
  • Build MyEndurance
  • Get of MyDreadMill
  • Strengthen MyCore

These are just some examples of what other participants are working on.  So, what's your goal?

We all are going to have a great time in a supportive community.

Health, Positive Psychology, and Fitness

Evaluation:  The best place to start on any journey, is where you are right now.  You will work with a professional Health Coach, 1:1 to complete an evaluation of where you currently stand with healthy life and nutrition.  From there get an education about steps you can take to improve in areas that are congruent with your long term lifestyle and health goals

Change Plans:  Make a plan to change, with support and tools from your positive psychology coach.  Learn tools congruent with your plans, your goals, and that are manageable and meaningful to you.  Tools built and based on science, and proven to be helpful and supportive of building motivation, to take action, and then move into maintenance.

Unique Workouts with Master Trainers:  Well rounded workouts intentionally designed around your fitness level, and your goals, that are fun, energetic, and leaving you feeling great.  A proven system that binds true self respect through achievement, a greater sense of community, and builds lifetime improvements in fitness including, but not limited to:  cardio, resistance, plyometric, intervals, yoga, flexibility, core strength, and a whole lot of fun.

Ready to start your goals?  Yes, I'm ready

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