Children's Martial Arts Training

We use a positive training methodology incorporating  the principles of positive psychology, positive reward systems, recreation therapy, as well as a mixture of a few different Korean and Japanese martial arts.  Because of Master Strongheart and Master Wells' unique backgrounds you won't find anything like what you see at Mercer Island Martial Arts.  We have through years of training in the martial arts and through our backgrounds been able to make our students successes not matter what level age or ability.


Our programs are individually designed for each participant.  We have many different options for classes; including age specific classes, ability specific classes, classes for families, after school programs, summer camps, or private to semi private classes.  Please contact us so we can set up a program that is specific for your child. 


Please contact us directly to find out more about our programs, and what we can do for you---    or   (206) 230-9050

Here is an explanation of our tip system, and how it helps kids measure progress, goal set, and learn their curriculum.

Here's an example of our family class:



Class Schedule


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