We will continue with our same on line schedule until after Labor Day weekend, and then we will launch a more robust class schedule for the fall. Please check back soon. 

Students are loving our online and pre-scheduled private or small “pod” semi-private lessons in person! 

Our on-line classes are engaging, fun, provide much a needed social/emotional learning space, and are a great workout. They can also be used as PE credit for school.   We realize that many people are feeling a bit “Zoomed Out” and we understand and can help.  We are not just another fitness class on Zoom.  We are a live interactive class that can help you or you child/teen with all of your individual goals. Almost all of our classes have between 2-4 instructors, so students can receive plenty of specific feedback and help with techniques.  We also have a “DJ” so classes are mixed with music, games (scavenger hunts, follow directions etc), philosophy, and character development challenges. Just like our in person classes we are an educational enrichment program that can help in areas such as stress management, anxiety, socialization, physical fitness, anti-bullying, confidence, and much more.  

“Thank you Mercer Island Martial Arts, these classes provide stability in my daughter's life while teaching her how to move, and valuable lessons such as gratitude and respect.  You have been a lifeline during this crazy time” -Natalie Hutchenson, Parent

 Since we have been teaching these classes in the on-line format for while now we have just become better and better at it.  So much so, that we plan on keeping the on-line format as an addition even after we go back to a more in person martial arts school.  

“Without my virtual martial arts training I wouldn’t be getting any exercise at all.  Thank you for hosting these on-line classes”. -Kenny Richards, a Black Belt Adult Student

If you have been gone for a while or want to try out our on-line classes please shoot us an email at, text us at (206) 823-2604, or give us a call at (206) 230-9050.  

Many students prefer, and are scheduling 1:1,  or small group “pod” experience.  We can do that with our virtual private or semi-private lessons.  If you or your small group would like to set up a private or semi-private virtual lesson with us we are happy to do that with you.  

Pre-scheduled private or small “pod” semi-private lessons that are in person exceed State and CDC guidelines.  We have a check in procedure, masks are required, and strict sanitation protocols are followed. Our instructors have been fully trained on all of these procedures.  Our semi-private lesson just like our private lessons follow all of those guidelines and are offered to people either within the same household, or with in the same learning pod.   The health and safety of everyone is our number one priority.  

“I went to my first online workout with Mercer Island Martial Arts -- It was the highlight of my day!” June - high belt teen

We will continue with our same on line schedule until after Labor Day weekend, and then we will launch a more robust class schedule for the fall. 

Thank you for being a part of this with us.  We are a small business that has been dedicated to serving the community for over 23 years and your support means everything to us.  We can not express how much we truly appreciate you and we are looking forward to the next 23 years with you!

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